Cell Phone Lookup

The service of a cell phone lookup is normally to find the address, name, location, etc. of an unidentified caller which you may want to investigate.

  • Reduce prank cold calls.
  • Trace who is repeat calling.
  • Protect your children.
  • Do a basic background check before you leave someone to work in your home or office.
  • If you are owed cash, find out where the person lives or their background.

What people say about the phone call tracing services, generally:

  • It is annoying to have to answer unwanted calls.
  • I am able to track down many unlisted prank calls.

A free service is normally advertised on the internet to find caller information. However, there are some quality services which require you to pay a small fee and provide better information.

With the aid of online services you can find a particular unlisted phone number or a mobile phone number you may be interested in. There are services available which have a large data set of unlisted, landline and cell phone numbers.

To carry out a confidential reverse lookup from the comfort of your home or office, you will most likely need to use a paid professional service. The USA has no single free phone directory due to various laws and legislation. So for a secure and comprehensive service you will need to invest a small amount in a fee paying service. These private phone number providers obtain their source from private and public phone directories.  The same source is not available to individuals due to their great expense in setting up the initial databases.

You will need to sign up to a service on the internet which takes a few minutes to set up. Once everything and email addresses have been confirmed you will be able to use the service. The information provided normally includes phone owner’s address, name and other related contact details.

The benefits of knowing who the unidentified caller is will lead to:

  • Reduced unknown phone calls.
  • Wasted time answering the phone, especially in the middle of the night.
  • Limiting the number of cold calls.

As you may know using the internet leaves traces and using a free service is of no benefit as the information stored cannot be guaranteed to remain private. The larger or bigger services have a better privacy service.